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We are Capoeira Guerreiros. Our logo is inspired by the Koru design from the Maori tradition. The two spirals symbolize the bonding within a family with two opposite, but complimentary, life forces. The inner coil represents the start of a new life, while the outer coil represents growth and continuation.

We used these elements because of the parallels with Capoeira and what Capoeira Guerreiros means as a group. The two spirals symbolize two capoeiristas; the circular shape represents the roda. Capoeira Guerreiros is here to support its members just like family.

The Orlando branch of Capoeira Guerreiros is headed by Contramestre Folclore. The original Guerreiros group was created by Mestre Lazaro from Capoeira Angola Guerreiro de Palmares in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil. With his permission and blessing we are proud to represent this tradition and lineage.

why choose us?

- Atsushi Noguchi -

“The facility is absolutely beautiful and the staff that runs its is just as great. They are professional and very friendly. This place is way better than any of the traditional gyms. Learn, have fun, and lose weight / get fit!”

- Nasr Versatil Ismail -

“The development of this center has been a process of years. Over this time, I have seen Roberto's (Professor Folclore) philosophy and practice in fitness and Capoeira grow through refinement after refinement: no BS, no fads, no instant fixes... Pragmatic, achievable, and sustainable results through a lifestyle centered approach that takes into account exercise, diet, social habits, and even community involvement. These are people to come to for two reasons only: to do work, and to get results!!! Oh, and as a side affect, you'll have tons of fun!!!”

- Cathy Cordova -

“My daughter has been attending the academy since August 2016 and absolutely loves it! Everyone there is awesome! The benefits of her learning another language and how to play the instruments is a plus! They are family! I appreciate the relationship I have with them as a parent/friend inside and outside of the academy! They grew on me, lol..Love you guys!”

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Our mission at Capoeira Orlando is to help individuals grow physically and mentally through the practice of Capoeira. We provide a professional, safe, and courteous environment to make learning and getting healthy a pleasurable experience.

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