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Mestre Folclore

Roberto Armien

Roberto Armien (Folclore) was born in Brooklyn, NY to immigrant parents from the Dominican Republic and Panama. After moving to Florida in his teens he started taking Shotokan Karate at 19 then shortly after began Kickboxing. Folclore had two full contact amateur fights. The dojo that he attended unfortunately closed. After seeing a Capoeira demonstration he went to a class with a friend in 2000. He has been training Capoeira ever since.

Folclore was an active dancer and teacher of Panamanian Folkloric dances when he started training Capoeira. After seeing the similarities between the folkloric dances of Panama and Brazil his teacher at gave him the apelido (nickname) of Folclore.

In 2006 Folclore was graduated to Formado and in 2007 opened his own academy in Orlando, FL. In 2011 Folclore was graduated to second degree Professor. Folclore frequently attends batizados giving and taking workshops, where he is able to spread his knowledge and love for the art. Folclore is married and has three children. He enjoys sharing this passion with his family.

In 2018 in the presense and with the support of many Capoeira Mestres and Contramestres, Folclore was graduated to the rank of Contramestre. Folclore maintains his connection to his liniage by staying in contact with and counting on the mentorship of Mestre Lazaro of Capoeira Angola Guerreiro de Palmares. Mestre Lazaro teaches and resides in Salvador Bahia Brazil. Along with the friendship and support of Mestre Gaivota, Folclore runs and opperates his own branch of Capoeira Guerreiros in Orlando FL

In 2022 Folclore was promoted to Mestre in Orlando FL. Folclore is one of the few American born individuals to reach this position in Capoeira. He continues to teach and grow Capoeira and help usher in the next generation of capoeiristas.

Mestre Gaivota

David Morgan

Has been practicing martial arts since the age of six. After training Tai Kwon Do as a child he took up Shotokan as a teenager. In college he began learning Enshin which is a full contact style of karate. As a Black Belt in Enshin he competed in several bare-knuckle, knock down tournaments and placed in all of them. He was first introduced to Capoeira in 1999 and began teaching classes at the NJ Capoeira Arts Center in 2003.

Gaivota graduated to the level of Instructor in 2005 with Grupo Liberdade de Capoeira and was graduated to Professor in 2007 and Contramestre in 2014 by Mestre George Palmares of Capoeira Guerreiros.

In 2006 Contramestre Gaivota opened the Afro Brazilian Cultural Center of New Jersey. During his career in Capoeira, Gaivota has traveled to many countries as well as states sharing his love of the game at Batizados, workshops and events. The Afro Brazilian Cultural Center of New Jersey is dedicated to promoting and teaching Capoeira as a living example of Brazilian folklore and culture

In 2018 at his event in New Jersey the Capoeira community came togeather to mutually recognize Gaivota's work, knowledge, and contributions to Capoeira. The console of Mestres and Contramestres agreed and regconized Gaivota as a MESTRE of Capoeira. Mestre Gaivota continues to teach and run the New Jersey branch of Capoeira Guerreiros.